Aurelia tar godt vare på barna

Aurelia Mhlongos historie

(Original historie fra Aurelia - er derfor skrevet på engelsk)

In  November 1998 AURELIA MHLONGO, retired nurse,  established a vegetable seedling nursery, in her home in Eshowe, Umlalazi Reserve.

"People supported my project by buying the seedlings. Frequently they sent children to buy. So I attended to them. You folks, they looked MALNUTRITIONED, MISERABLE and UNTIDY, with dirty clothes with no smile on their faces.

Asking a few questions to get to know them, they expressed hunger for days, living alone in child-headed families or with grannies. I reported my findings to the local Nkosi (Chief) Mrs. Lily Mpungose. I appealed to her to allow me to feed these kids with soup once a month. She gave me permission to do so, on a Saturday at the local hall.

Eventually I was joined by white ladies from our local town, being the members of hte Roman Catholic Church, Anglicans and the Methodist Church. While I was working with them, we decided to feed weekly. The childrens faces started to smile and I got volunteers from the community. This activity continued until year 2004. One of the days Rev. Hiram from the Presbyterian church came with Mari Maurstad and some Norwegian tourists. This was December 2004, and they donated R400 and promised to come back to help me. I did not believe them, I had heard it too many times before. I was wrong, in March 2005, her friend Rung Button from Durban came back to help me care for the poor children and their families. Life has changeed tremendously. The children are bubling with life, all smiles, well-fed, and friendly. I bless these ladies who brought magic life to the poor kids of Eshowe, South Africa.

Mari a a God sent "Angel" from the heavens, so is the community of Norway. They are feeding almost 1000 children in Umlalazi, with satellites in Simunye, Mandawe, Dinizulu, Esiqwaqweni and Mhlatuzana. They are getting holistic care.

These children are created in the image and likeness of God.

Bless the funders, dear God",
Aurelia Mhlongo

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