Zulufadders projects

Zulufadder has many projects going on all the time and there are often new projects underway. None of our projects would be possible without sponsorship and support from our donors.

Zulufadder has demonstrated for more than 10 years that it is possible to run a successful NGO. Zulufadder does not have one single giant sponsor that donates millions of dollars each year so that we can do everything we want.  Actually, we have many small, medium and slightly larger sponsors who support our projects and make everything possible. An extra special thanks to all of you!

We have several projects of varying sizes, and we really appreciate any support we can get. Together we can make a very big difference.

Producing school uniforms

08.10.14 One of our projects is a local small sewing factory. Children are required to wear uniforms at school. In South Africa, if students are not dressed in full uniforms then they are not allowed to come to school.

Doremi kindergartens

08.10.14 Zulufadder has three kindergartens; in Umlalazi, Esiqwaqweni and Simunye. Altogether over 100 children attend our Doremi kindergartens.
Gratton school - technology is important at an early stage in schools, also in Africa.

Gratton school

06.11.14 Gratton school is a Zulufadder project. We have been involved in the school since 2010, and 38 Zulufadder children attend the school (as of 2016).

Simunye Day Care Center

23.11.11 Erna and Knut Eng Children's Fund has given us a very generous donation and thus contributed to building our wonderful hall in Simunye. It is in daily use as a kindergarten for the youngest, and as a library for the older children after school.

Gratton hostel

01.09.14 Zulufadder has it's own school, Gratton, and since January 2012 we have been running our own boarding house on the school site.

House building

25.10.14 This project is Zulufadders shelter program. Since 2006 we have provided small, simple houses for those children who have needed a new roof over their heads.

Handmade products

26.10.14 Several of the community’s beloved grandmothers— many of whom take care of all the kids, whether they are simply neighbors or relatives—  are also skilled at working with their hands.


12.10.14 Team GOGO! That sounds great! It simply means "exercise for the elderly". "Gogo" means grandmother.


08.10.14 We have started three big community vegetable gardens so that several families may each get a plot and an opportunity to grow food.