Zulubygg - house number 50!

When our founder turned 60 last year, her biggest wish was to build a house for a family in Zululand. Read her story.

Being out in the field is the best thing I know. Meeting people and learning about their lives. And to see what is possible to do, and to use the common sense we have. A house was robbed of money and id papers. Scary men at night. They got advice, comfort, some money. Another family I visited has 29 family members. Zulufadder has previously built a house for that family. Extremely poor people. Knowing that someone cares is a very good thing. They got some clothes and some money. But they must also do something themselves to improve the situation.

One of the most important things I wanted to do during this stay was to visit the house we built for a small family who has a boy with CP.

Almost one year back I was getting closer to my 60th birthday. I realised that I had ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I would ever need! If I received even one gift, my house would burst. Then I thought I would be very happy if I could help a family in Zululand get a new house. I wanted to give the house to the boy with CP. My friends gave me enough money to help the boy and his mother! 

This week I was on the plot to look at the new house. It was done that day! They moved in while I was there. Both the mother and the boy were crying of joy. We had a teddy bear that had the world's softest coat. It will be the boy's new best friend. These are the things that make my heart beat a bit faster. The picture of the boy lying on the teddy bear with a very happy mother next to him is something I will not forget. A better 60th birthday gift I simply could have had! Thank you very much to everybody who contributed!

Best regards from Mari

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