Ambassador visit

The Norwegian Ambassador to South Africa visited Zulufadder in May.

Hurray! We received the Ambassador to South Africa, Trine Skymoen for a visit! She was generous and she took the extra hours to come to us in Eshowe after finishing a meeting in Durban. She came with Ragnhild Button, Norwegian Consul (and also a part of the Zulufadder start-up in 2004). I was lucky that I was there at the same time as the Ambassador!

We drove as fast as we could to show the Ambassador a few things from the Zulufadder project. Popi and 101, not Dalmatians, but kindergarten children took their entire repertoire. Like herring in barrels, all the 101 Zulu children between three and six years opened their mouths and spoke, counted and sang, in Zulu, Norwegian and English. It took 20 minutes. Then outside to play. Everybody has to participate. Ambassador, Consul or actress. Popi will get you going!

Then we went to Gratton School. There the happy children in shorts and dresses greeted us. Our wonderful principal, Mr Manyoro, always makes a wonderful impression. Humour and joy characterise him. Trine, the Ambassador, took a small inspection round the school and the boys in the classrooms crowded around her. She laughed and made jokes. Then there was an assembly in the big hall with playing and singing.

We would like to thank Trine for taking the time to visit. The hours just disappeared so fast! And we did not even have time for cake.

- Mari

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