Students from University of Leeds visiting Zulufadder.

Leeds Zulu

The students from Leeds University of got a challenge when they visited Zulufadder.

Every year we get visits from groups who want to help. Sometimes it's student groups. They travel from schools and universities throughout the world to experience REALITY. One can read alot on foreign aid and field work, but it is reality that apply.

A student group from Leeds was with us in Eshowe for several days. They played soccer with the boys and netball with the girls. A ball can the key for universal understanding. The same rules apply throughout the world. It is always very successful! Everybody enjoys themselves and find it exciting to play against youngsters from other countries.

This time around, the British students had undertaken to make lunch for our children. I was present when they were preparing the food after the games.

The students had bought sandwiches, small chips bags and fruit. They were getting ready to serve and I asked how many they had prepared for. They had been told that there would always be more children than expected... Where there is food distribution, there are always many children.

"We have more than enough. We have calculated 40 sanwiches and some snacks."

I thought in my mind that the youth would learn a bit about Africa. As we slices the sandwiches in half, we saw the queues growing outside.

"Ooops, there are more children here than we thought. We have to slice the fruit in half too," said the studtents from Leeds.

When we looked out of the window after we had split the fruit in half, there were now four times as many children.

"Oh, we'll have to divide the fruit into four and the potato chips into smaller piles."

So we did.

When we had done that, the queue was so long that it went around the house. Finally, we split the half slices of bread into three parts, the apples into quarters and there were only five potato chips for each. But now a total of 120 portions. Small portions, but a little bit for everyone.

That's when I thought of the story of Jesus who shared the five fishes and two loaves with 5,000 people. It must have been very, very small pieces.


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