The heart in my throat

An important part of our work is to document what we do.

When money and gifts come in, we go out in the field to take photos. It is important that donors see that help is getting to where it is supposed to be! 

As I set foot in Eshowe this time, got into the car to go and take pictures of the house that had recently been built. It had to happen before the sun went down and we had one hour.

We drove STRAIGHT UP and down the hill to Thintumkhaba! Thintumkhaba supposedly means "Feel my tummy" and it was exactly what I did 😊

Fortunately, we have 4-wheel drive. But the road was like in the Norwegian mountains in the old days. I had to close my eyes of fear. Silvia drove fast! She is used to this. We met lumbering tractors and excavators on the road, which had to reverse and get out into the trench. We were going to get there in time, no matter what! Heeeelp!

We arrived at the house when the sun was approaching the hill.

In 14 minutes we had taken pictures of dancing children and grandmothers who received food, clothing and teddy bears as well as a new house!

The sun went down as we drove SLOWLY down the hill. Smiling. Thank you!


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