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The beautiful group who visited the last week of November had their hands full from early morning to late night.

Some child sponsors are more eager than others :) Helle and Janne come to Zulufadder every year. They rent a car and go out for new adventures every day. 

From tooth brushes in the kindergarten, workshop with the youth (especially young men), kindergarten graduatin, home visits, theater and music, guided tours of Gratton, setting up new fence posts in vegetable gardens, visiting chicken farms, making sandwiches for the children in the kindergarten, to giving out basic foods, clothes and school equipment for those who need it most.

This time Synne, who runs the Antima Charity Foundation, and several of her friends came along to South Africa. Antima has previously sponsored blankets for 450 children, as well as provided new schoolbooks for everyone at the Gratton High School! We are now discussing more projects, more information will come later.

We think it's great fun when sponsors come to visit and see that what we're doing is really real and new things have happened from last time. 

Thank you very much for your visit - and welcome back!

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