A wild idea

This autumn we got a wild idea and it was a big hit!

We started a fundraising for the Zulu girls who regularly can not attend school due to lack of money for sanitary pads. This is a matter we are very concerned with! We have sold washable sanitary pads in our Gift Shop for several years and thought it could be a rescue for the girls' education!

We got help from the fantastic and creative people in the advertising agency Kitchen that did a pro bono job for us - and then we started fundraising on Facebook and Vipps.

Eventually did some "Gerilla Marketing": We glued 450 sanitary pads at key locations in Oslo. Then the radio and television stations woke up too and gave us som publicity. We set a "hairy" goal of 250,000 kroner - and we did it!

Millions of thanks to all who contributed, we are completely overwhelmed by your response!

Now we will make sure that our goal is accomplished with the help of our own sewing factory, Zulufadder Clothing, who makes the panties and the sanitary pades. This is also creating jobs!

And we will get our Zulu girls up and forward! 

Do you want to start a collection for Zulufadder on Facebook? Click here.

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