House number 52 is completed

During November, house number 52 was completed. Thank you very much to the Oftebro family who built the house!

House number 52 was built for a family who was thrown out by the uncle where they use to live. The mother got her own land from the chief and Zulufadder has set up a new two-room house for them.

All rural areas in our district are owned by the Zulu king. The land is being distributed by chiefs in the different areas, and one must belong to the specific area to get land.

The Mhlongo family got land that they can use "forever", but they do not own that piece of land. They are now working to start their own vegetable garden, which is a prerequisite for getting a new house from Zulufadder.

Thank you very much to the sponsors, you have made the lives of the Mhlongo family so much better!

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