Kiki The Cat and Nompilo

To Nompilo - From Sophia

"TY Cat Kiki" travelled over three continents on her way from Oslo to Zululand.

Sophia (6 years) from Oslo is a sponsor in Zulufadder together with her grandmother. She wanted to give a gift to their sponsor child, Nompilo (4 years).

As most girls, Nompilo likes pink, and Sophia picked "TY Cat Kiki" because it has pink eyes and a pink head bow. Kiki spent more than three months on the journey from Oslo to Zululand. 

  • Kiki was supposed to travel with a group of tourists to South Africa. Happy she went with the Post to the nice South (of Norway). But the Post did not deliver. At least not on time, and Kiki had a 3-week stay in southern Norway before returning to Oslo.
  • She did not want to travel with the Post anymore, and the next option was to travel in the suitcase of a nice lady from Bergen who lives in South Africa. Unfortunately she did not arrive in time from the South and the lady had to catch her flight.
  • Would the trip to South Africa be cancelled? Kiki still wanted to go, and she stayed with Sophia for a couple of weeks before Grandma took Kiki in the car and drove her to a place outside of Oslo. A nice lady who was going to Croatia brought Kiki to project manager Silvia.
  • After a great week by the Adriatic Sea , Kiki set off for Toronto, Canada where Rotary Interational had its annual convention. In Canada, she also visited the Niagara Falls on the US border.
  • After traveling so much, Kiki thought it was time to travel to Zululand to meet Nompilo and her friends in Zulufadder's kindergarten in Simynye.
  • The two have now found the tone and Kiki sends her love to Sophia in Oslo, saying that she is most welcome to visit her to see that she is fine in Nompilos care.
  • Kiki thought it was a great to travel in an airplane, even though she did not get her own seat...

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