Zulufadder in pictures - May 2018

Our best photos in May.

  • Zulufadder has children in about 500 families, and we are visiting all the families these days. It will take time as it is only possible to do between 5 and 10 visits each day.
  • Agenda Nord-Norge has visited us and will make a short film about Zulufadder and some of our students.
  • We have received knitted hats and socks from England and Norway and have handed out to the children we meet.
  • We have started building number 51, and one of our Zulufadder boys who grew up in the project has been given a job at the construction site.
  • By chance, we also had a visit by a Norwegian and a lady from Argentina. Without knowing Zulufadder, they came to Eshowe to learn more about the Zulu culture. They became overjoyed when they found Zulufadder and they went for six home visits, visited our kindergarten and Gratton School.


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