Our house project - house 43 is ready

The story that led to the construction of this house is very special.

Hilde and Camilla were visiting Zulufadder in February with a group from GogoZulu (www.gogozulu.com). Hilde has been a sponsor for many years, and was traveling to visit her sponsor child and Zulufadder. Camilla came with her two children and her mother (who has also been a sponsor for many years).

Chance led to the two women ending up getting new sponsor children from the same family. The grandmother and aunt in the family had just embraced eight additional children after their daughter/sister died just before Christmas. They are now a family of 14 members. They need most things, also a new house.

When Hilde and Camilla came home to Norway, they embarked on a fundraising on Facebook and managed in a short time to collect enough money to build a new house to the family.

The house was ready in mid June 2016. The aunt danced and the children jumped up and down of happiness. 

We send a big thank you to everyone who has supported this project! You make a huge difference for this particular family!

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