Zulufadder built two new classrooms for Gratton school in 2016. Thanks to the sponsors!

Zulufadder is building classrooms

In 2015 we completed two new classrooms at Gratton - thanks to a joint venture where we put together several donations.

Zulufadder takes care of children who grow up without parents. We give them food and we give them an education. Some of the children go to Gratton school. We would have loved to send all the children there, but that is not possible. Neither financially or with logistics.

Now we have saved enough money to build more classrooms, so that even more children will get the chance. We believe that education is the most important gift a child can receive. We also think it is the best gift you can give. A BIG THANK YOU to contributors who are helping us build these two classrooms. Without you this would not have been possible!

We have been involved in Gratton school for 6 years, and have so far built six classrooms (per December 2015), a media center, two dormitory buildings and we have also set up toilets.

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