Tablets for our staff

Our staff have got tablets and are now helping with Zulufadders administration tasks.

  • Our staff always want to learn new things, and when we mentioned that a tablet might be something for them, they were VERY happy! With the help of sponsors, we was able to purchase tablets WIFI and 3G for them. 

  • We assign them tasks to do using an advanced app . They answer, post photos, and communicate with each other. 

  • An example : A sponsor asks how "Siyanda" is doing at school . We send the question to the fieldworker in the area. The fieldworker finds "Siyanda", gets the information, taking a picture of the report card with the tablet and sends it back to the office. An e-mail then goes back to the sponsor .

  • The Zulufadder employees have paid half themselves, and the other half is paid by our IT provider Escio.

  • If someone wants to sponsor monthly 3G connections simply let us know :)

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