Kari and her granddaughter Camilla have visited Zulufadder for the 5th time!

  • In one week, there is time for a few different thing. We have visited schools and kindergartens, been on home visits and we have handed out mattresses and blankets to children who sleep on the ice cold floor. The winter is approaching in South Africa.

  • Kari is the teacher who never gets tired of seeing children learn new things. She was carrying 46kg(!) with school equipment for Gratton and the kindergarten, much of it made at home. It is simply impressive!

  • Kari, Camilla and their family in Norway supports in total 4 kids and of course we did home visits to all the children, among others twins as they turned 9 years while their sponsors were here. The children got presents, cakes and soft drinks on the big day :)

Thank you for visiting and welcome back!

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