House mother Ursula and some of the children at the Gratton hostel.

New boarding house at Gratton school

In 2012 we opened the first part of the Gratton hostel. Phase two is almost completed and is due to open school on 21 January 2015 .

We want to have as many children as possible at Gratton, and in order to send more children to Gratton, we needed more room and more beds.

There are boarding fees payable which covers our expenses for salaries, food, electricity and water.

The new building is going to be built next to the existing building in 2015 and will accommodate 30-40 Zulufadder children aged 6 to 14 years. This is in addition to the other children that attend this school.

We have four employees (November 2014). When we open in January 2015 we will have a total of six employees, including a teacher who will stay on-site.

The boarding is a pre-fabricated building, with the bathroom that is built in masonry because of the wet areas. The bathrooms have been tiled and the new bunk beds are installed.

The new hostel will be completed by the end of January 2015.

Our sponsors are not established and we are always welcoming new sponsors.

Please contact us if you want to sponsor a small or large amount. This will go directly to the development of our new hostel.

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