Meeting with the deputy chief

In Zululand (area of South Africa) where Zulufadder is situated, it is the local chiefs who decide over land and people.

Zulufadder has maintained good contact with the "deputy chiefs". They are elected in their areas and are working under the chiefs with local disputes and other matters that require attention. For example the people go to the chief if they want a piece of land for their house.

There is a new deputy chief in Mandawe, and we wanted to meet him so that he understands what Zulufadder is doing and for whom. Along with Slindile, our fieldworker in Mandawe, we met Mr Ngema. A very nice man, and it turned out that he knew most things about Zulufadder already - and he had only nice to say about us :)

We got a few things cleared up, and we wanted to talk to him about a specific piece of land. We want to set up a converted container so that Slindile has an office and we have a place to store things.

When the Zulufadder car drove into his yard, all the kids in the neighborhood came running. Several of them were Zulufadder children. Very cute and very funny!

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