Happy Easter

We wish everybody a Happy Easter with this letter written by one of our sponsor children.

Dear Zulufadder,

I like to thank you about everything you have done for me, especially the following;

For the last four years, you have transported me to my school. It’s a pity that it is my last year of my primary school, I have to struggle to walk to school but thank you!

You have helped me to be the hand to help my grandmother, whom I know she couldn’t make it because she is not working, but she try.

I would like to say thank you so much for the uniform, school shoes, and may God surround you with angels and bless you going in and going out with Abraham’s blessings.

I will be pleased to know my Norwegian parents, sometimes I feel jealous seeing other children being hugged by their parents. But Zulufadder is so special to me. May god help you and help other children grow up. May god help you financially.

God bless you.

S. Mbatha

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