School books donated by Antima Charity Foundation

School books for Gratton school

The Antima Charity Foundation made sure Gratton school has got school books for all students!

Books, books, books! They mean joy, they mean interest, understanding, excitement and knowledge. They mean AN EDUCATION, A LIFE! Not least for children and youth in Africa. For us it is almost unthinkable not to have access to books. Several places in the world they cannot afford to buy books. The Antima Charity Foundation knew this. They understood what this meant. And wanted to do something about it. Luckily the name Zulufadder came up! Although Z is the last letter in the alphabet!

Anitma is not like other businesses. They did not sit in the snow and hoped someone below the Equator might buy the right books for the right school children. No, they left Europe and came to visit. 

Checking the conditions at the school, play with the children, mingle, smile, enjoy, look forward to making a difference. And a DIFFERENCE it was!

Thank you, Antima, for making it possible to buy so many school books to our school, Gratton!

The teachers do not have to write and write on the board until the chalk is 1cm. And the students learn things they would never have learned. In the best possible way. The difference you have made for them is making us and the school very happy!

This is not the first time that Antima supports Zulufadder. During the winter of 2017, this wonderful organization gave blankets to 450 of our children so that they could stay warm on cold winter nights. 

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