Beach trip and boat safari

sponsored trip to idyllic St Lucia and Cape Vidal.

Accommodation, beach, boat safari was on the program for our excited children.

Westerbø Travel sponsored the trip that went to St Lucia and Cape Vidal, about two hours drive from Eshowe.

  • In July it is school holidays in South Africa and we invited 21 children aged 5-14 and six employees for a trip to the beach.
  • We have our own bus and our driver, Gundy, also came for the trip. 
  • Very excited children stood along the road at 08:00. Many had seen the sea at a distance, but only a few had been on a beach before. Only one of the children had been on a boat before.
  • The sun was shining and the temperature showed about 26 degrees! Wonderful winter days!
  • We brought soccerballs and netball, and the kids ran as fast as they could down to the beautiful beach. After some ball games, the sea was to be explored!
  • All the children and (almost all) the adults threw themselves into the waves (under very controlled supervision!), except the 5-year-old. He enjoyed the soft sand and played ball.
  • Everyone got a hot shower before we grilled lots of sausages, meat and marshmallows :)
  • The next day most of us got up early for a walk on the beach before breakfast and departure.
  • We then went for a boat safari at St Lucia estuary. We saw loads of hippos and crocodiles close up. Very exciting!
  • A wonderful trip - and we hope to repeat it again next year :)

Thank you very much to Anne-Marit and Tore Westerbø!


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