Gratton school - technology is important at an early stage in schools, also in Africa.

Gratton school

Gratton school is a Zulufadder project. We have been involved in the school since 2010, and 32 Zulufadder children attend the school (as of 2019).

We believe a quality education is the most important thing one can possibly give a child. It has the capacity to change everything. 

The education in the rural schools in South Africa is far from ideal, and Zulufadder has always wanted to have our own school. When the Gratton school board ​​contacted us in 2009, we were excited about the opportunity and had no doubt that we would get involved. 

Today, Zulufadder is responsible for the operations and management of the school, and we are very proud of all that we have achieved in recent years. Gratton is a school that the locals are talking about and hope to send their kids to. 

It is certainly not cheap to run a school and have access to good teachers. The school is open to anyone who wants a good education, and tuition helps us with operating costs and salaries. 

Among the teachers we have experts in the fields of mathematics, English and science. We have an extensive selection of schools sports: football, rugby, cricket, volleyball, cycling, hockey, swimming (we do not have our own pool, but use the pool at Eshowe High School). 

We have our own boarding, which is where all our Zulufadder children live. Most are transported home every weekend, but a handful of children have such poor conditions at home that they only go home once a month. 

We would like to have more children at the school, but the cost per pupil means that we have to make changes gradually. We started with 11 children in 2010, and per January 2019 we have 32 students at the school.  

In total, 45 people work daily at the school. In addition we have other Zulufadder employees working less regularly, renovating and maintaining the school.

Some of the things we have done at Gratton school since 2010, with the help of primarily Norwegian donors:

  • Currently building 4 classrooms (read about our crowdfunding)
  • Previously built 6 new classrooms, including new classrooms for 8th grade which opened in January 2015
  • Built a media centre
  • Renovated a classroom to a science lab
  • Purchased 30 desktop PC's at the beginning of January 2015
  • Boarding house (phase 1, new construction) opened in January 2012
  • Boarding house (phase 2, new construction) opened in December 2014
  • Purchased new books for all classes the last three years
  • Sponsored thousands of books for the library
  • Sponsored a music teacher
  • Refurbished the pre-school
  • Painted the entire school - inside and outside
  • Fixed the entire electrical system
  • Purchased a tractor sponsored by the South African National Lottery in 2013
  • Supporting the school with the Zulufadder school bus (also sponsored by the South African National Lottery in 2013)

More about Gratton: visit 

Support Gratton school now:

Or contact us to discuss opportunities like supporting specific children or our Education Fund.

PS - We would be happy to discuss these options with you and we would love to recognize your donation of $200 or more with a small gift from Zulufadder, handmade by our grandmothers in Zululand who, by and large, are the guardians of many of the Zulufadder children.

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