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A big thank you to Filiokus who has given books to a local school library.

Filiokus (Publisher) wanted to give books to the children and has donated money for this purpose several times! Books provide knowledge and pleasure! They speed up brain experiences and increase the desire to read more! You can disappear into a world you did not know.

This time the donation went to a local school that started their own library. They got donations for paint and some shelves, and when we heard that they needed books, we were very happy to be able to help out. 

Almost no rural people have books at home. No TV either, so there is little stimulus through the that channel as well. I remember once I passed a house, where there was a big bunch of youngsters outside a window shouting.
"In the whole world, what's going on in there?" I asked Silvia.
"They are watching TV," she said. "Soccer match."
Haha. Of course.

But back to books. How important it is for society, young and old, that everybody can read. We have a great library in our hall in Simunye (designed by architect Ellen Enger and sponsored by Knut and Erna Eng's children's fund).

We went there on a Sunday. It turned out that 84 youngsters from all over the beautiful green valley had dressed up and came to the hall to sit down and read books. They wanted to show us that they appreciated the offer we had given them. Hurray! 84 youngsters reading! It was a big, happy surprise!

Thank you very much to Filiokus!

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