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Help us to give a proper education to more of our children - either as early education at our school, Gratton, or higher education at university level.

The students are very happy with their new science lab at Gratton school Education

New Science Lab at Gratton School

With our first high school graduation at the end of 2019, we needed a dedicated science lab. With the support of many sponsors we have a brand new science lab!


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We are always thinking ahead and you can help in many ways, not just by being a sponsor. We always have many ongoing projects. Donations are put into projects that we have started, or we might wait while we save for future projects.

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Mari Maurstads corner

Zulufadder into the future

15 years ago, Zulufadders founder, Mari Maurstad, was on vacation in South Africa when she met retired local nurse, Aurelia, and the Zulufadder project was born. 03.08.2019

A wild idea

This autumn we got a wild idea and it was a big hit! 01.12.2018


Many girls in Africa stay at home from school one week a month because they do not have the money to buy sanitary pads. 26.09.2018

Dinner variations

When Mari recently visited Zulufadder, she was reminded of how huge differences there are from Norway to South Africa. 01.09.2018

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