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Zulufadder is a child sponsor organization in South Africa. (NOK 8,50 = $1)

Zulufadder built two new classrooms for Gratton school in 2016. Thanks to the sponsors!

Zulufadder is building classrooms

21.10.15 We have just completed two new classrooms at Gratton - thanks to a joint venture where we put together several donations.

Tablets for our staff

19.08.15 Our staff have got tablets and are now helping with Zulufadders administration tasks.


10.05.15 Kari and her granddaughter Camilla have visited Zulufadder for the 5th time!

We are always thinking ahead and you can help in many ways, not just by being a sponsor. We always have many ongoing projects. Donations are put into projects that we have started, or we might wait while we save for future projects.

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