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A monthly update from our life in Zulufadder.

Latest blog update: Thursday 29 September

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What sets Zulufadder apart as a special organisation?

Zulufadder is a small organisation, without bureaucracy, but with a genuine passion for helping children in need. 

We all have a degree of scepticism towards large organisations where money disappears off into the horizon to places unknown.  In the media there are reports, on a daily basis, about corruption and high salaries paid to people who are engaged in charitable work. 

So we at Zulufadder have ‘taken the helm’ ourselves.  Sponsorship money from Norway (and other countries) goes straight into a South African bank account from where it directly pays for food supplies and school fees for our children.  We are in full control; all other costs are borne by external funds.


Did you know...?

Eshowe has had a connection with Norway for a long time? It is 170 years since the first Norwegian settled here.
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Things we have achieved

Listed below are some of the things we have achieved since Zulufadder was founded in 2005:
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Donations via Paypal

You can set up a monthly payment through Paypal for your sponsorship or make a single donation to Zulufadder.
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Our partnership with Rotary International

Rotary emblem We have established a close working relationship with the Rotary Club of Eshowe, Zululand and also several international Rotary Clubs.
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