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Zulufadder is a child sponsor organization in South Africa. (NOK 8,50 = $1)

Visit to Norway

29.08.16 Nomvula works at the Zulufadder administration and travelled to Norway for 2 weeks in August.

House number 44 in progress

20.07.16 Runa and Morten is building house number 44. A family with 14 family members is getting a new house thanks to their generosity. Thank you so much!

Crowdfunding: Zulufadder is building four classrooms

24.05.16 Zulufadder have had many projects going on for the past 10 years, and the vast majority have been done as cost-sharing.
Up to date donations: NOK 37 658 (updated 19 July 2016). A big thank you to our sponsors!

We are always thinking ahead and you can help in many ways, not just by being a sponsor. We always have many ongoing projects. Donations are put into projects that we have started, or we might wait while we save for future projects.

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Mari Maurstads corner

Leeds Zulu

The students from Leeds University of got a challenge when they visited Zulufadder. 25.09.2016

African hospitality

When our founder, Mari, visits South Africa her days are filled with fun experiences. 24.05.2016

The Zulus can dance!

And they often express themselves through dancing. Happiness and sadness. 21.04.2016

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